President of Digerati Frontiers
Dale B Malaney

Dale was born and grew up in Wadsworth Ohio.  He then attended and graduated from Trine University (Tri-State College) in Angola Indiana in 1965 with a BSEE (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering).  Having married his first wife while in college, he worked part time to pay for college and support his young family.  Dale is very proud that his family has now grown to 6 children and 12 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

After graduating from college he took a job at Lockheed Martin (Goodyear Aerospace at that time) in Akron Ohio and continued to work for Lockheed until he took early retirement after 35 years. In 1970 he transfer to the Arizona Division where spent the rest of his career working in classified programs. 

In the early 1970’s started his adventure in the digital imaging world.  With one of the first CCD line sensors he built one of the first digital cameras using magnet disk system for storage.  A little later he add to this a solid state memory for one of first digital display system.  To control his camera and display systems he interfaced it to a “Mini-Computer” to which he also design a touch screen as HMI (Human Machine Interface) input device.

By 1975 working on government contracts he had design and built a working prototype of today’s smart phones or I pad but without the network connection we have today.  Naturally it was very big (a six foot rack) and expensive which made it an non consumer product. 

He when back to college (night school) to take software engineering courses to add software to his still set.  With these new skills he was able to be a system architect or large signal processing systems.  These systems were very large computers systems and at one point he help architect a  signal processing  system that was working in the company computer lab that more processing power than anywhere west of the Mississippi River.

In 1987 he married his present wife an artist of some acclaim and thus adding to his skill set some artist abilities.  His photos have won many awards and have been published in many newspapers, books and national magazines with the help of his wonderful artistic wife Jeanine.  Dale still continues his education by taking many online courses to stay current with ever advancing technologies.

Today Dale brings to Digerati Frontiers a vast knowledge base, experience of digital cameras, image processing, computers, computer networking  to provide you with solutions.


Dale Malaney with his camera