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Services and Pricing

Website design, development and consulting are unique to every site and small business, and so pricing is determined on a per project basis. Below are some sample costs.

Service Cost Features
Website Design and Development, standard $50/hr Photo scanning, Page/site layout, Graphics/image manipulations
Website Design and Development, standard $75/hr Server side programming (PHP), Database design and programming, Custom code
Small Website Package $100 to $500 1 to 5 pages and includes first 3 months of site maintenance
Medium Website Package $400 to $1500
8 to 24 pages, graphics, email, forms, tables (includes first 6 months site maintenance)
Small Business Package $1400 to $5000 25 to 75 pages and database (Mysql) design for dynamic page service side programming (PHP)
Remodel Existing Site $400 to $2000 Contact us for an estimate to edit or redesign your existing website
Site Maintenance $20 to $85 /Month Includes normal page edits, modifications and updates
Search Engine Optimizations $75/hr Includes a site review and keyword suggestions

Final costs are determined by the quantity of content and amount of programming required for your site. You are not limited in the number of pages or the number of pictures for your website. Only some special programming needs, such as Custom Secure Pages, Custom Shopping Carts, Online Complex Databases, etc., may require additional fees. You must provide all of the content - specific business or personal information or changes to the content yourself.

How does Google rank sites?

Click here for more on Google PageRank Information.

Keywords Choosing the right keywords is an important part of Search Engine Optimization. We try to make sure you're targeting the right keywords. The majority of web site owners are targeting the WRONG keywords! We will try to use exactly the keywords protenal customers will use. Our analysis will help you find the keywords your competition has missed. The right keywords will dramatically boost your search engine ranking and increase website traffic!

Website Consulting Successful internet websites require analysis, preparation and planning which is why you need to have consulting. We have helped some sites develop dynamic, scalable internet business systems. We are keeping up with technology standards, which is almost a full time job. Knowing which technologies will be viable in the future is a must.

Discover Keywords Discovering the most popular keywords or keyword phrases related to your business, and that people are likely to use to find your product, is essential. We search the major search engines for each keyword or keyword phrase you might want to use, to see what kind of pages come up. Remember that the keywords must be related to your product as youare presenting it on your website.
The most popular keywords are not always the best to target. We will help you see that some keywords are going to be much more competitive than others.

Site Popularity Site popularity tells you how many websites are linking to yours. Website popularity is becoming increasingly important, as many search engines are using this information as a ranking criterion. The more popular your site is, the better it is ranked on the search engines. We will help you find out how popular your site is on the web.

Keyword Phrases Some keywords will be much more difficult to compete for and are just a waste of time and effort. Additionally the single keywords usually return the least targeted leads.
So we will help you chose keywords in phrases that specifically apply to your business.

Internet Marketing If you need Website Internet Marketing, then we are not the consulting you need. We can help you find the right marketing support for your site. The same is true if you need support for Pay for Click or Ad campaign consulting. Don't waste your money if you do not fully understand Internet Marketing with these campaigns.