Bear Photo Gallery

This grizzly bear was a little too close but I was in a car and able to shoot out of the window.

Grizzly Bear

Using Photoshop and its 3d effects I created this image. What do you think? The original photo was a color image of a grizzly bear I shot in Yellowstone National Park.

3D Grizzly Bear

Yes in the spring Yellowstone National Park if you are lucky you will see Black Bear Cubs.  One is a little brown and the other one is black like his mother.

Black Bear Cubs

Black Bear are also found in Yellow Stone and are conman in the Park

Black Bear Yellow

Here is another Black Bear again I shot this with a telephoto lens.

Black Bear

In the spring the Grizzly Bears come out and they ear the grass. This Grizzly is just checkout the the people taking pictures of him before he goes back to eating the grass.

Spring Grizzly Bear