Bison Photo Gallery

When you are in Yellow Stone the Bison are everywhere you go. Use a good zoom lens as I did here to take this head on shot of the bison.

Bison Head-on

This Bison photo was shot in the early spring just after a snow storm. Note this was shot from the car, beware of bison.

Bison Side Head image

The Bison calf is curious about us but Mom took one look and they were gone.


The original photo was a color image of a grizzly bear I shot in Yellowstone National Park. Using Photoshop and its 3d effects I created this image. What do you think?

3D Bison

These two Bison appear to have a disagreement. It was early in the spring so I don't know why and yes that is dust they stir up even in the wet spring.

Bison Disagreement