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Wild turkey are common in Colorado as we see a small group of them

Wild Turkey

a Trumpeter Swan Flying over a small just after it took off

Trumpeter Swan Flying

a Snowy Egret stands by a lake in Colorado with a little snow on the ground

Snowy Egret

Red Fox Mother watch me as I take pictures of the kits

Red Fox Mother

you always heard of the longhorns but here is a small herd

Longhorn Cows

a red fox kit stalking a small movement in the grass

Fox Kit

a Great Blue Heron walks the bank of a small stream

The Great Blue Heron

the old buck deer know in the fall to come into town as we see here a big rack buck deer

Front Yard Buck

a bull elk with a large rack in the fall

Elk Rack

an eagle with a small fish he caught in the Ocean Bay

Eagle with a Fish

A cow moose walking with a mountain background in the spring

Cow Moose Walking

a cow Moose resting after giving birth a few hours ago

Cow Moose After Birth

a bull Moose in a campsite (I was much too close to this one)

Bull Moose

A bighorn sheep in the spring with it's winter coat just starting to shedding

Bighorn Sheep in the Spring

This is on of the Albatross that make a home on Kauai in Hawaii.


I watch a pair of Coyotes hunt a lone Prong Horn Antelope for over half an hour before the Antelope left.  I think this was a Coyote but maybe it was a wolf.

The Hunter

You can find Elk all over the western Untied States but I found this one minutes after it was born still wet in Yellowstone National Park

New Born Elk

In the spring it is hard to tell the Coyotes from the wolfs. I think this was a Coyote but maybe not,

Spring Coyote in Yellowstone

In the spring the Grizzly Bears come out and they ear the grass. This Grizzly is just checkout the the people taking pictures of him before he goes back to eating the grass.

Spring Grizzly Bear

Sitting on my dock feeding the curious swans come and eat out of the hand of my granddaughter.

Curious Three

Here is another Black Bear again I shot this with a telephoto lens.

Black Bear

Black Bear are also found in Yellow Stone and are conman in the Park

Black Bear Yellow

Yes in the spring Yellowstone National Park if you are lucky you will see Black Bear Cubs.  One is a little brown and the other one is black like his mother.

Black Bear Cubs

These two Bison appear to have a disagreement. It was early in the spring so I don't know why and yes that is dust they stir up even in the wet spring.

Bison Disagreement

The original photo was a color image of a grizzly bear I shot in Yellowstone National Park. Using Photoshop and its 3d effects I created this image. What do you think?

3D Bison

Using Photoshop and its 3d effects I created this image. What do you think? The original photo was a color image of a grizzly bear I shot in Yellowstone National Park.

3D Grizzly Bear

After all after noon in Rocky Mountain National Park I came back to find a small herd of Elk in the parking lot of my motel. Here is one of the Bull Elk that was other side of a car from me yelling something at me.

Elk Yell

Yes even in Yellow Stone National Park you will find Red Foxes. Here is a red fox kit

Red Fox Kit

When in Colorado during the spring you see a lot of migrating birds. Here are three male yellow head blackbird on by backyard dock.

Male Yellow Head Blackbirds

Snow covered Mountains, Wildflowers and Wild Horse in the same photo what more could you ask for? Just outside of Glacier National Park I took this Photo.

Wild Horses

Just outside of Glacier National Park I came across this small herd of wild horses. The wildflowers in the foreground real made this photo.

Wild Ones

Sanhill Cranes migrate to New Mexico wintering grounds through Monte Vista, Colorado. This is one of three cranes coming for an evening landing after feeding all day.

Three Sanhill Cranes Flying

The Trumpeter Swan spreads it wings for me across Village Lake.  The Swan are year around bird in Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Trumpeter Swan

You don't expect to find Sea Galls in Pagosa Springs Colorado but here they are on Village Lake in the spring

Sea Galls in Colorado

The Red Fox Kits are have fun outside their den Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Ktis Play Time

The Bison calf is curious about us but Mom took one look and they were gone.


This Rufous hummingbird spent most of the summer guarding the bird feeder. I shot this thru the office window in Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Rofous Himmingbird

After the fishing tournament the foxes come to cleanup the lake after the fisherman.  This was shot from my back porch at dusk

Lake Fox Pair

This is an eagle catching a fish. This shot is the portrait portrait in Canada.

Eagle fishing portrait

This is an eagle catching a fish. This shot is a closeup photo in Canada.

Eagle fishing closeup

This is an eagle catching a fish. This shot is the landscape mode in Canada.

Eagle fishing landscape

This Eagle missed the fish and had to retry for a meal. Notice the great splash this eagle created.

Eagle in the Lake

This Eagle missed the fish and had to retry for a meal.

Eagle Miss

This grizzly bear was a little too close but I was in a car and able to shoot out of the window.

Grizzly Bear

It is had to get the three Fritillary Butterflyies sits on top of a sunflowers but when it happens it is great.

The Dance

Saguaro Cactus is the home of this Gila woodpecker in Arizona.

Saguaro Cactus Gila woodpecker

We find the gila woodpecker making holes in this Saguaro Cactus.

Cactus and Gila Woodpecker

A single  Fritillary Butterfly sits on top of a flower.

Fritillary Butterfly

This Bison photo was shot in the early spring just after a snow storm. Note this was shot from the car, beware of bison.

Bison Side Head image

When you are in Yellow Stone the Bison are everywhere you go. Use a good zoom lens as I did here to take this head on shot of the bison.

Bison Head-on

A lonely bird sits on this irrigation wheel at sundown.

Bird at sundown

This is photo of the small herd of big horn sheep taken in the fall in the mountains of Colorado.

Herd of Big Horn Sheep

I took this photo of two big horn sheep in the wild Colorado rocky mountains as they try to repopulate the sheep in area.

Pair of Big Horn Sheep

Taken with a zoom lens but you can get great shot in Yellow Stone.

Yellowstone Big Horn Sheep

Two buck deer in my backyard looking at me as I shoot them.

Back yard Deer

A fox looks the other way tring to get the the Canadian geese to come on the shore and the geese are daring the fox to come in the water.

Fox and Geese

This is a photo of wild horse near Glacier national park.

Wild Ones

A pair of bald eagles in a tree with one just taking flight.

Eagle Mates

One of the many herds of elk you will see in Yellowstone or Grand Teton National parks.

Yellowstone Elk