Buildings Photo Gallery

Yes there was a rainbow over us here in Colorado.

Rainbow over our home

 There was two pots of golds at our home in Pagosa Springs Colorado as shown in this photo.

Double Rainbows

This an HDR photo of a walkway between the bunk house and the mill at a mine near Silverton Colorado. An avalanche had twisted the walkway into this neat image. This was was taken as 3 RAW images and combined in Photoshop to create this HDR image


I took this image looking down on this Hawaii hut.

Kauai Hut

The owner claimed this was the oldest continuous operating store in Colorado. I shot this in RAW mode on my camera and then processed it as IR image.

Oldest Store in Colorado IR image

Silverton Cabin is located a few north of Silverton Colorado.  What more could you want than this little cabin with the wonderful waterfalls out your front porch.

Silverton Cabin

I just one second late taking this photo. The little boy just turn around to look at someone call them. This photo was taken in Ouray Colorado.

The Window

When it get below zero in Pagosa Springs Colorado the hot springs give off steam that make walling around a mystic experience.

Winder Steam

Old Faithful Lodge in Yellow Stone National Park look up in the lobby you can tell it was built a long time ago.

Old Faithful Lodge

Mount Rushmore is a treasure for all to enjoy. If you get to South Dakota be sure to visit it.

Mount Rushmore

Have you every wanted to get away from it all, well here is out cabin in Arizona what was surround by national forest in every direction for 10 miles.

Arizona Mountain Cabin