All Photos of Man Made Objects in the Gallery

News Paper Rock just south of the park but notice the number of finger on hands

News Paper Rock

the White House at Canyon De Chelly is Indian Ruins in the side of a cliff

White House at Canyon De Chelly

Train Tracks close up

Train Track

Chimney Rock looking west at sunset

Chimney Rock at Sunset

the ruins at Chimney Rock National Monument

Chimney Rock

four balloon light up the night sky at balloon fest in Pagosa Springs Colorado

Moon Glow

Have you every wanted to get away from it all, well here is out cabin in Arizona what was surround by national forest in every direction for 10 miles.

Arizona Mountain Cabin

Just a typical Midwest country church in the fall.

Midwest Country Church

In the fall Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad sometimes need to two steam engines to pull all the tourist up the steep climb from Chama New Mexico.

Dual Engine Stream Train

Chama New Mexico is home to Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad.  Here is the train as it is returning to Chama.

Cumbres and Toltec Train

Mount Rushmore is a treasure for all to enjoy. If you get to South Dakota be sure to visit it.

Mount Rushmore

Almost every photographer that has ridden this train has this photo but here is my photo

Durango Silverton Train

The Chama Cumbres and Toltec Railroad train clear out the engine and boiler at this sharp turn.

Cleaning the Pipes

Old Faithful Lodge in Yellow Stone National Park look up in the lobby you can tell it was built a long time ago.

Old Faithful Lodge

This old truck was shot in an auto shop with a lot people around, so when I got home I used Photoshop to blur out everything but the truck.

Old Truck

Spruce Tree House i just one of the many ruins at the Mesa Verde National Park in southwest Colorado.

Spruce Tree House

The garden island of  Hawaii is  Kauai.  So you would expect to see these kind of photo of this wonderful island

Flower Truck in Hawaii

When it get below zero in Pagosa Springs Colorado the hot springs give off steam that make walling around a mystic experience.

Winder Steam

This is an IR image of the Chapel of All Saints, San Luis, Colorado.  I first took a standard RAW photo (see the color version) and then processed it in Photoshop's Camera RAW tool.

Chapel of All Saints IR

This is not an IR photo but was marked so you could see the before and after coveting to an IR image. This is the color version of the Chapel of All Saints, San Luis, Colorado

Chapel of All Saints

I standing at the Amethyst Mine sliver mill and looking up at Last Chance Mine which is about 1500 feet above me.

Looking Up

At the balloon fiesta in Pagosa Springs Colorado you can expect clear skies but on this day we had clouds.  I took three photo to capture what I saw and combined them in Photoshop.

Balloon Fiesta Pagosa

Looking down from from Last Chance Mine onto the top of the silver mill. Yes this is almost straight down (1500 feet drop).

Silver Mill

Hot Air Balloon go from all over the country to fly at Pagosa Springs Colorado because of the great wind patterns in the morning. This balloon has just touched the lake and is lift off again.

Yellow Touchdown

This little valley was shot while I was riding the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic railroad. This little scenic trip was between Chama New Mexico and Antonito Colorado.

The Valley

I had to take two photo of this old mine machinery because I need flash and could not get it all in one shot.  So I used Photoshop to combine them in a Panorama. This old mine is located north of Creede Colorado. How did they get all this equipment to this building?

Creede Mine Machinery

This is an IR image of a old train station near Antonito Colorado. I took this image as a RAW image and used Photoshop Camera RAW to post process it to IR.

Train Station IR

I just one second late taking this photo. The little boy just turn around to look at someone call them. This photo was taken in Ouray Colorado.

The Window

This was a really cold morning (-10 F) that I look out to see this Hot Air Balloon. I hope the people in the balloon dressed warm enough.

Winter Hot Air Balloon

Silverton Cabin is located a few north of Silverton Colorado.  What more could you want than this little cabin with the wonderful waterfalls out your front porch.

Silverton Cabin

I took this photo using my camera RAW mode and then used Camera RAW to covert it to an IR photo. This church is in downtown San Fe New Mexico.

St. Francis Cathedral Basilica in IR

The owner claimed this was the oldest continuous operating store in Colorado. I shot this in RAW mode on my camera and then processed it as IR image.

Oldest Store in Colorado IR image

I took this image looking down on this Hawaii hut.

Kauai Hut

This old truck rest on a little mound near Animas Forks Colorado with wildflowers growing though it. What a wounder place for it to retire to, the mountain views and wildflowers are just on real.

Over Sixty

This is a picture one of Park Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National park.

Mesa Verde Panorama

This an HDR photo of a walkway between the bunk house and the mill at a mine near Silverton Colorado. An avalanche had twisted the walkway into this neat image. This was was taken as 3 RAW images and combined in Photoshop to create this HDR image


I took this on a four wheel drive road above Creed Colorado. Yes that is my jeep blocking the road but is was wide enough for two cars to pass.

Creed 4by4 Fall Road

 There was two pots of golds at our home in Pagosa Springs Colorado as shown in this photo.

Double Rainbows

Yes there was a rainbow over us here in Colorado.

Rainbow over our home

This is a Panorama photo of the ruins in Chaco Canyon National Moument.

Panorama Chaco Canyon

The falling down walls at ruins in Chaco Canyon National Moument.

Chaco Walls

Door after door after door opening in the ruins in Chaco Canyon National Moument.

Chaco Doors

This is one of many historical barns and other artifices from the 1800 in Colorado.

Colorado historical barn

This is a shot of the hot air balloons as the take off.  It was shot as three shots and combined in Photo Shop to make this HDR photo.

HDR Balloons

This is a HDR image of the hot air balloon preparations at Pagosa Springs color-fest.

Hot Air Balloon prep

This colorful hot air balloon has just touched the lake and is beginning to rise again.

Touchdown on Village Lake