Yellowstone National Park Photo Gallery

This is stream of hot water and algae from a hot springs in Yellowstone Nation Park.

Hot Spring Stream

Always change color this pool of algae is a typical pool of hot spring runoff.

Hot Springs Algae

One of the many herds of elk you will see in Yellowstone or Grand Teton National parks.

Yellowstone Elk

Taken with a zoom lens but you can get great shot in Yellow Stone.

Yellowstone Big Horn Sheep

When you are in Yellow Stone the Bison are everywhere you go. Use a good zoom lens as I did here to take this head on shot of the bison.

Bison Head-on

This Bison photo was shot in the early spring just after a snow storm. Note this was shot from the car, beware of bison.

Bison Side Head image

This grizzly bear was a little too close but I was in a car and able to shoot out of the window.

Grizzly Bear

The Bison calf is curious about us but Mom took one look and they were gone.


The Grand Prismatic spring in Yellow Stone National Park appears to be giving off blue smoke.

Blue Smoke

The blue steam rise of the Grand Prismatic spring in Yellow Stone National Park on an early Spring day.

Grand Prismatic Pool

Yes even in Yellow Stone National Park you will find Red Foxes. Here is a red fox kit

Red Fox Kit

The Snake river slowly winds though the Grand Teton National Park and provided me with this great shot of the Teton Mountains reflecting in it.

Snake River Reflection

Using Photoshop and its 3d effects I created this image. What do you think? The original photo was a color image of a grizzly bear I shot in Yellowstone National Park.

3D Grizzly Bear

The original photo was a color image of a grizzly bear I shot in Yellowstone National Park. Using Photoshop and its 3d effects I created this image. What do you think?

3D Bison

These two Bison appear to have a disagreement. It was early in the spring so I don't know why and yes that is dust they stir up even in the wet spring.

Bison Disagreement

Yes in the spring Yellowstone National Park if you are lucky you will see Black Bear Cubs.  One is a little brown and the other one is black like his mother.

Black Bear Cubs

Black Bear are also found in Yellow Stone and are conman in the Park

Black Bear Yellow

Morning Glory Pool is one of the many geyser pools in Yellowstone National Park. This picture was taken after it was vandalized by people throwing  trash, rocks, logs, and coins into the spring.

Morning Glory Pool

In the spring the Grizzly Bears come out and they ear the grass. This Grizzly is just checkout the the people taking pictures of him before he goes back to eating the grass.

Spring Grizzly Bear

Here are the Mountain Goats on the side of this canyon wall in Yellowstone National Park.  This wall had to a very steep 80 degree angle down.

Mountain Goats Yellowstone

You can find Elk all over the western Untied States but I found this one minutes after it was born still wet in Yellowstone National Park

New Born Elk

Prairie Rattlesnake are rare in Yellowstone National Park but here we find the two together in the spring.

Yellowstone Rattlesnake

I watch a pair of Coyotes hunt a lone Prong Horn Antelope for over half an hour before the Antelope left.  I think this was a Coyote but maybe it was a wolf.

The Hunter

A bighorn sheep in the spring with it's winter coat just starting to shedding

Bighorn Sheep in the Spring

a cow Moose resting after giving birth a few hours ago

Cow Moose After Birth

A cow moose walking with a mountain background in the spring

Cow Moose Walking

a red fox kit stalking a small movement in the grass

Fox Kit

Mammoth Hot Springs with the mountains in the background

Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs small waterfalls

Mammoth Hot Springs Color

a Prong Horn Antelope at Yellowstone National Park

Prong Horn Antelope

a small stream lined with fresh snow trees and banks

Snowy Stream at Yellowstone