HDR Photo Special Effects Gallery

This is a HDR image of the hot air balloon preparations at Pagosa Springs color-fest.

Hot Air Balloon prep

This is a shot of the hot air balloons as the take off.  It was shot as three shots and combined in Photo Shop to make this HDR photo.

HDR Balloons

This an HDR photo of a walkway between the bunk house and the mill at a mine near Silverton Colorado. An avalanche had twisted the walkway into this neat image. This was was taken as 3 RAW images and combined in Photoshop to create this HDR image


This is a photo of Pagosa Peak near Pagosa Springs Colorado. I use three separate photos to create this HDR image.

Pagosa Peak HDR photo

This image was created using three different exposure setting on my camera then process them as a HDR image. The peak is the well know Pagosa Peak in Colorado.

Dramatic Sky over Pagosa Peak

Sunrise over Village Lake was taken from my back deck in Pagosa Springs Colorado. This  HDR photo was three separate photo added together using Photoshop.

Sunrise over Village Lake HDR

High up in the Rocky Mountain National Park I can across this wonderful view. I took three photo, each 2f stops apart and then combined them in Photoshop.

Rocky Mountain Pass

In southwest Colorado there so many wonderful views and fall colors always add to them. I took three RAW image 2 f stops apart and then used Photoshop to due the post processing them into this HDR image

Fall HDR Mountain

At the balloon fiesta in Pagosa Springs Colorado you can expect clear skies but on this day we had clouds.  I took three photo to capture what I saw and combined them in Photoshop.

Balloon Fiesta Pagosa

As I was driving down this dirt road in Colorado I stop to take this photo and I realized that I could not capture it with a single shot.  They is too much dynamic range so I shot three photos at 2f stop apart and combined them in Camera RAW

Fall Road Color HDR

Saguaro Cactus normally do not grow near each other. Here we have two Saguaro Cactus that appear to be hugging each other.  I shot this as an High Dynamic Range (HDR) and processed it Photoshop to get this image.

Hugging Saguaro HDR