All Photos with Special Effects in the Gallery

an arch at sunrise in Canyon Land

Arch at Canyon Land Nation Park

Train Track with special effects of a IR Image

Train Track IR

the Grand Canyon as viewed from the north rim of the park

Grand Canyon North Rim Panorama

Saguaro Cactus normally do not grow near each other. Here we have two Saguaro Cactus that appear to be hugging each other.  I shot this as an High Dynamic Range (HDR) and processed it Photoshop to get this image.

Hugging Saguaro HDR

The original photo was a color image of a grizzly bear I shot in Yellowstone National Park. Using Photoshop and its 3d effects I created this image. What do you think?

3D Bison

Using Photoshop and its 3d effects I created this image. What do you think? The original photo was a color image of a grizzly bear I shot in Yellowstone National Park.

3D Grizzly Bear

After a 5 hour drive from my home I arrive at American Basin Colorado at noon and before the wildflowers have started to come up. So here is the IR photo I took at mid day.

American Basin IR

As I was driving down this dirt road in Colorado I stop to take this photo and I realized that I could not capture it with a single shot.  They is too much dynamic range so I shot three photos at 2f stop apart and combined them in Camera RAW

Fall Road Color HDR

I think this is an Vanda orchid flower taken indoor with nature light and black backdrop.


Clear Lake was a 5 hour drive from my home in Pagosa Springs Colorado. So what did I do to take this photo in bright noon sun? I shot it in RAW mode and post processed it into an IR photo.

Clear Lake IR

This old truck was shot in an auto shop with a lot people around, so when I got home I used Photoshop to blur out everything but the truck.

Old Truck

On Kauai north end island it rains, so I took this photo from the Halalau Trail on a day hike.  I shot it in RAW mode so I could make it an IR photo.

Na Pali Coast IR

This is an IR image of the Chapel of All Saints, San Luis, Colorado.  I first took a standard RAW photo (see the color version) and then processed it in Photoshop's Camera RAW tool.

Chapel of All Saints IR

This is not an IR photo but was marked so you could see the before and after coveting to an IR image. This is the color version of the Chapel of All Saints, San Luis, Colorado

Chapel of All Saints

At the balloon fiesta in Pagosa Springs Colorado you can expect clear skies but on this day we had clouds.  I took three photo to capture what I saw and combined them in Photoshop.

Balloon Fiesta Pagosa

I so close to the waterfall that I could not get the whole falls in one photo. So I took two portrait mode photo and used Photoshop to combine them into this photo.

Waterfall Panorama

In southwest Colorado there so many wonderful views and fall colors always add to them. I took three RAW image 2 f stops apart and then used Photoshop to due the post processing them into this HDR image

Fall HDR Mountain

High up in the Rocky Mountain National Park I can across this wonderful view. I took three photo, each 2f stops apart and then combined them in Photoshop.

Rocky Mountain Pass

This is an IR image of a old train station near Antonito Colorado. I took this image as a RAW image and used Photoshop Camera RAW to post process it to IR.

Train Station IR

Sunrise over Village Lake was taken from my back deck in Pagosa Springs Colorado. This  HDR photo was three separate photo added together using Photoshop.

Sunrise over Village Lake HDR

Because I could not take this picture with my camera equipment, I used Photoshop 3D processing to create this photo.

Planet Saturn Photo

I took this photo using my camera RAW mode and then used Camera RAW to covert it to an IR photo. This church is in downtown San Fe New Mexico.

St. Francis Cathedral Basilica in IR

It does not happen very often but it does snow at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. This panorama photo was created using three separate photos.

Sand Dunes Panorama

Go over corkscrew pass on a four wheel drive road you are provide this fabulous view of the backside of Red Mountain. Red Mountain is between Silverton and Ouray Colorado.

Panorama of the Backside Red Mountain

As you know the Prickly Pear Cactus can grow anywhere but this one was taken near Sedona, Arizona.

Prickly Pear Cactus Closeup

I took this photo of the Dalis Divide which is near Telluride Colorado.

Dalis Divide

Pagosa Peak in Pagosa Springs Colorado is wonderful any time of the year but in the winter it is even more so.

Pagosa Peak in the Winter

This image was created using three different exposure setting on my camera then process them as a HDR image. The peak is the well know Pagosa Peak in Colorado.

Dramatic Sky over Pagosa Peak

This is a photo of Pagosa Peak near Pagosa Springs Colorado. I use three separate photos to create this HDR image.

Pagosa Peak HDR photo

I took this photo not often seen view of Pagosa Peak near Pagosa Springs Colorado. This panorama photo was created with 12 different camera shots using PhotoShop.

Reflection of Pagosa Peak

The owner claimed this was the oldest continuous operating store in Colorado. I shot this in RAW mode on my camera and then processed it as IR image.

Oldest Store in Colorado IR image

This is a picture one of Park Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National park.

Mesa Verde Panorama

This is a panorama of the lake Powell near Page Arizona

Lake Powell Panorama

This an HDR photo of a walkway between the bunk house and the mill at a mine near Silverton Colorado. An avalanche had twisted the walkway into this neat image. This was was taken as 3 RAW images and combined in Photoshop to create this HDR image


Here is where the mighty Colorado River is bending around this rock on it's way to the Grand Canyon near Page Arizona.

Horse Shoe Bend Colorado River

On the island 0f Kauai we find the these taro fields making a beautiful panorama photo on the garden island in Hawaii.

Panorama of the Taro Fields

This is a glacier made lake well above tree line.  The color of this lake is so wonderful you have to see for yourself.

Lake Como Colorado

This is California Pass which is at 13,000 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  It is between Silverton and Ouray Colorado

California Pass

This is just one fabulous scene at El Rancho Pinoso, sight of the 2009 Art in the Garden Festival,

El Rancho Pinoso Panorama

Fall color in Colorado


This is a one lane road (12 foot wide) up to Clear Lake looking out the side of a 2,000 drop. Another wounder view of the Colorado Mountains.

Clear Lake Road Paorama

This is a Panorama photo of the ruins in Chaco Canyon National Moument.

Panorama Chaco Canyon

This a Photo Shop created image of a Bison using the 3-D processing. Can you seethe Bison?

3-D Bison

This is a shot of the hot air balloons as the take off.  It was shot as three shots and combined in Photo Shop to make this HDR photo.

HDR Balloons

This is a HDR image of the hot air balloon preparations at Pagosa Springs color-fest.

Hot Air Balloon prep

I took this photo of the lakes in Pagosa Spring Colorado while on a balloon ride.

Archuleta Balloon Ride

This Basin is at about 12,000 ft and is typical of Colorado Rocky mountains.

American Basin flowers

Colorado is know for it's mountain lakes and wild flowers

Clear Lake above Siiverton