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three pine trees covered with snow and decorated with lights at night

Christmas Card

News Paper Rock just south of the park but notice the number of finger on hands

News Paper Rock

Wild turkey are common in Colorado as we see a small group of them

Wild Turkey

the White House at Canyon De Chelly is Indian Ruins in the side of a cliff

White House at Canyon De Chelly

a Trumpeter Swan Flying over a small just after it took off

Trumpeter Swan Flying

Train Track with special effects of a IR Image

Train Track IR

Train Tracks close up

Train Track

a Snowy Egret stands by a lake in Colorado with a little snow on the ground

Snowy Egret

 Reflection Lake is correctly name as we see the mountain deflection

Reflection Lake

Red Fox Mother watch me as I take pictures of the kits

Red Fox Mother

you always heard of the longhorns but here is a small herd

Longhorn Cows

a Great Blue Heron walks the bank of a small stream

The Great Blue Heron

the Grand Canyon as viewed from the north rim of the park

Grand Canyon North Rim Panorama

the old buck deer know in the fall to come into town as we see here a big rack buck deer

Front Yard Buck

the red spines of a Saguaro Cactus in the fall in Arizona

Fall Color Saguaro Cactus

a bull elk with a large rack in the fall

Elk Rack

an eagle with a small fish he caught in the Ocean Bay

Eagle with a Fish

a narrow road descends as we see the mountain peaks in the background

Colorado Mountain Road

white and lavender columbine grows in a high mountain basin

Colorado State Flower

Chimney Rock looking west at sunset

Chimney Rock at Sunset

the ruins at Chimney Rock National Monument

Chimney Rock

a Saguaro cactus that is out of focus creating a glowing color

Saguaro Out of Focus

a bull Moose in a campsite (I was much too close to this one)

Bull Moose

four balloon light up the night sky at balloon fest in Pagosa Springs Colorado

Moon Glow

the Gunnison river runs thru the Black Canyon National park

Gunnison River

A black canyon rock formation

Black Canyon

This is on of the Albatross that make a home on Kauai in Hawaii.


On the west side of the park I found this little stream leading to that mountain.

Fall Stream in Rocky Mountains

Have you every wanted to get away from it all, well here is out cabin in Arizona what was surround by national forest in every direction for 10 miles.

Arizona Mountain Cabin

This was on the the many flowers that I had when we lived in the mountains of Arizona


In the fall Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad sometimes need to two steam engines to pull all the tourist up the steep climb from Chama New Mexico.

Dual Engine Stream Train

I am not sure what the name of this one was I just like it. If you know please email me the name. I was hiking one day in Glacier National Park when I came across this great waterfalls.

A great Waterfalls

If you have every been up above tree line in the Colorado Rocky Mountains then you have seen these little Groundhog looking animals call a Marmot.

Marmot in Colorado Rocky Mountains

Chama New Mexico is home to Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad.  Here is the train as it is returning to Chama.

Cumbres and Toltec Train

Saguaro Cactus normally do not grow near each other. Here we have two Saguaro Cactus that appear to be hugging each other.  I shot this as an High Dynamic Range (HDR) and processed it Photoshop to get this image.

Hugging Saguaro HDR

Yes this is a Teddybear Cholla Cactus in the foreground and the famous Four Peaks (Northeast Phoenix area) in the background.

Cholla Four Peaks Cactus

Using Photoshop and its 3d effects I created this image. What do you think? The original photo was a color image of a Eagle hitting the water and caching a fish in Canada.

3D Eagle Fishing

Almost every photographer that has ridden this train has this photo but here is my photo

Durango Silverton Train

Sitting on my dock feeding the curious swans come and eat out of the hand of my granddaughter.

Curious Three

Hiking thru the wilderness area in the San Juan National Forest, I just had to take this shot to remember the beauty.

Aspen Trail

Sometimes the these simple little flowers are just sow wonderful that I have to take a photo

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

You can see Giant Red Paintbrush, the Blue Bells and the sunflower in the foreground this the mountains in the background.  I need get tired of going up to the basin and shooting wildflowers.

American Basin Wildflowers

After a 5 hour drive from my home I arrive at American Basin Colorado at noon and before the wildflowers have started to come up. So here is the IR photo I took at mid day.

American Basin IR

Again I am not sure of what is the name of this flower but if you look at them you will see a small face in the flower.

Face Flower

The Chama Cumbres and Toltec Railroad train clear out the engine and boiler at this sharp turn.

Cleaning the Pipes

I took this photo of a small raft rafting on the San Juan River in Pagosa Springs Colorado. Notice that all the adults are have fun but the children look terrified

Adult Fun

As I was driving down this dirt road in Colorado I stop to take this photo and I realized that I could not capture it with a single shot.  They is too much dynamic range so I shot three photos at 2f stop apart and combined them in Camera RAW

Fall Road Color HDR

After all after noon in Rocky Mountain National Park I came back to find a small herd of Elk in the parking lot of my motel. Here is one of the Bull Elk that was other side of a car from me yelling something at me.

Elk Yell

I can never stop taking pictures of the fall colors in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Fall Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park

I was out on a 4 wheel drive road In Colorado when I came across this little pond with the great Yellow Water Lilies.

Water Lilies

Clear Lake was a 5 hour drive from my home in Pagosa Springs Colorado. So what did I do to take this photo in bright noon sun? I shot it in RAW mode and post processed it into an IR photo.

Clear Lake IR

Slot Canyon is located on the Navigo Indian Reservation in northern Arizona near Page.

No Flash Floods please

Up the Colorado Rocky Mountain there many basin filled with wildflowers in the early summer. This one is American Basin

High Country Basin

When in Colorado during the spring you see a lot of migrating birds. Here are three male yellow head blackbird on by backyard dock.

Male Yellow Head Blackbirds

Every wounder what to do on Saturday? Here I found this young man repelling down rock in Arches National Park in Utah.

Repelling down in Arches

Every wounder what to do on Saturday? Here I found the young men climbing up this rock in Arches National Park in Utah.

Climbing in Arches

This little windy valley was found in Arches National Park in Utah. Look at the rock formation draw your eye into the photo.

Arches Rock Formations

Spruce Tree House i just one of the many ruins at the Mesa Verde National Park in southwest Colorado.

Spruce Tree House

As I was driving from Lake City Colorado toward Cinnamon Pass I found with wonderful colorful little waterfall.

No Name Waterfall

On Kauai north end island it rains, so I took this photo from the Halalau Trail on a day hike.  I shot it in RAW mode so I could make it an IR photo.

Na Pali Coast IR

The garden island of  Hawaii is  Kauai.  So you would expect to see these kind of photo of this wonderful island

Flower Truck in Hawaii

As I sit and watch the waves at Lumaha'i Beach on Kauai I also amazed my the wonderful show but on my them.  This picture was taken in RAW and process to an IR image in Photoshop.

Waves at Lumaha'i Beach IR

Surfing in  Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii is something I also wanted to do so.

Surfing in Hanalei Bay

When it get below zero in Pagosa Springs Colorado the hot springs give off steam that make walling around a mystic experience.

Winder Steam

After a fresh snow in Pagosa Springs Colorado this little was just refreshing.

Snow Stairs

I am not sure of what it is but sometimes you just need a touch of red to make your day.

At Touch of Red

If you get up early there is great sunrise almost every day. I could have taken thousands of photos.

Sunrise at Pagosa

This is an IR image of the Chapel of All Saints, San Luis, Colorado.  I first took a standard RAW photo (see the color version) and then processed it in Photoshop's Camera RAW tool.

Chapel of All Saints IR

This is not an IR photo but was marked so you could see the before and after coveting to an IR image. This is the color version of the Chapel of All Saints, San Luis, Colorado

Chapel of All Saints

Fall on Colorado Back roads was taken just north of Pagosa Springs. Notice the snow covered mountains in the background in this photo

Fall on Colorado Back roads

I took this photo one fall afternoon driving down a dirt road in Archuleta County Colorado.

Fall in Archuleta County

A typical colorful view in Pagosa Springs Colorado driving down a dirt road in the fall.

Pagosa Fall Road

Bachelor Loop north of Creede Colorado is famous for the old mines but as you can see it offers great views.  As you can see in this photo the fall color is also an attraction.

Fall at Bachelor Loop

I standing at the Amethyst Mine sliver mill and looking up at Last Chance Mine which is about 1500 feet above me.

Looking Up

At the balloon fiesta in Pagosa Springs Colorado you can expect clear skies but on this day we had clouds.  I took three photo to capture what I saw and combined them in Photoshop.

Balloon Fiesta Pagosa

Looking down from from Last Chance Mine onto the top of the silver mill. Yes this is almost straight down (1500 feet drop).

Silver Mill

Hot Air Balloon go from all over the country to fly at Pagosa Springs Colorado because of the great wind patterns in the morning. This balloon has just touched the lake and is lift off again.

Yellow Touchdown

In the spring in Colorado you will find many wildflowers but somehow the Wild Iris is special.

Wild Iris

This wilderness lake in on a 4x4 road going up to Elwood Pass Colorado.

Wilderness Pond Colorado

This little waterfalls is at 11,500 feet on a four wheel drive road. You have to walk down on hiking trail about a 1/3 of a mile.  You had better we acclimated to the altitude before you to see this one.

Hike to the Waterfall

This cascading waterfall was found near Howardsville Colorado.  There were too many little waterfalls to count.

Cascading Waterfalls

On Valentine Day when I was in Kauai Hawaii spotted this heart in the sandy ocean beach near Princeville.

Valentine Beach

This little valley was shot while I was riding the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic railroad. This little scenic trip was between Chama New Mexico and Antonito Colorado.

The Valley

American Basin is at 12,000 feet and enjoys many wonderful wildflowers with a mountain background. This shot was taken on a 4by4 road between Lake City and Silverton Colorado.

Wildflower at American Basin

I had to take two photo of this old mine machinery because I need flash and could not get it all in one shot.  So I used Photoshop to combine them in a Panorama. This old mine is located north of Creede Colorado. How did they get all this equipment to this building?

Creede Mine Machinery

In southwest Colorado there so many wonderful views and fall colors always add to them. I took three RAW image 2 f stops apart and then used Photoshop to due the post processing them into this HDR image

Fall HDR Mountain

High up in the Rocky Mountain National Park I can across this wonderful view. I took three photo, each 2f stops apart and then combined them in Photoshop.

Rocky Mountain Pass

This is an IR image of a old train station near Antonito Colorado. I took this image as a RAW image and used Photoshop Camera RAW to post process it to IR.

Train Station IR

Sanhill Cranes migrate to New Mexico wintering grounds through Monte Vista, Colorado. This is one of three cranes coming for an evening landing after feeding all day.

Three Sanhill Cranes Flying

It does snow in Colorado and I was out walking when I noticed this tree with it lights on.

Xmas Tree in the Winter

I just one second late taking this photo. The little boy just turn around to look at someone call them. This photo was taken in Ouray Colorado.

The Window

This is just one of many little ATV trail in the San Juan National Forest in Colorado.

The Trail

The Trumpeter Swan spreads it wings for me across Village Lake.  The Swan are year around bird in Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Trumpeter Swan

This is a sunset at the resort Ponma Ranch just north of Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Ponma Ranch Sunset

This is just a wonderful little stream coming down the mountain near Ouray Colorado.

The Stream

In southwest Colorado we have a lot of thunder storms and this is one that is just over at sunset.

Storm Leaving

This was a really cold morning (-10 F) that I look out to see this Hot Air Balloon. I hope the people in the balloon dressed warm enough.

Winter Hot Air Balloon

If you travel up Page Arizona there is Slot Canyon on the Indian land. This is where all of these neat photo are taken.

Slot Canyon

Sunrise over Village Lake was taken from my back deck in Pagosa Springs Colorado. This  HDR photo was three separate photo added together using Photoshop.

Sunrise over Village Lake HDR

Silver Falls is out east of Pagosa Springs Colorado on East Fork Road. You do have to wall about a 1/4 of mile to view this waterfalls.

Silver Falls

Silver Creek is one of many in creek that run in the spring in Colorado.

Silver Creek

Silverton Cabin is located a few north of Silverton Colorado.  What more could you want than this little cabin with the wonderful waterfalls out your front porch.

Silverton Cabin

You don't expect to find Sea Galls in Pagosa Springs Colorado but here they are on Village Lake in the spring

Sea Galls in Colorado

I took this photo using my camera RAW mode and then used Camera RAW to covert it to an IR photo. This church is in downtown San Fe New Mexico.

St. Francis Cathedral Basilica in IR

It does not happen very often but it does snow at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. This panorama photo was created using three separate photos.

Sand Dunes Panorama

Go over corkscrew pass on a four wheel drive road you are provide this fabulous view of the backside of Red Mountain. Red Mountain is between Silverton and Ouray Colorado.

Panorama of the Backside Red Mountain

This mountain gets it fabulous colors from the mineral deposits. One of many colorful mountain on the way from Silverton Colorado to Ouray Colorado.

Front View of Red Mountain

As you know the Prickly Pear Cactus can grow anywhere but this one was taken near Sedona, Arizona.

Prickly Pear Cactus Closeup

The Red Fox Kits are have fun outside their den Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Ktis Play Time

In Spanish Piedra means Stone so this waterfalls is not Piedra Falls but is Stone Fall.  This falls in located near Pagosa Springs Colorado

Stone Falls

I took this photo of Piedra Falls as the river come down from the wilderness.

Piedra Falls Pagosa Springs

I took this photo of the Dalis Divide which is near Telluride Colorado.

Dalis Divide

I took another Pagosa Springs Colorado Sunset.

Pagosa Sunset

Pagosa Peak in Pagosa Springs Colorado is wonderful any time of the year but in the winter it is even more so.

Pagosa Peak in the Winter

This image was created using three different exposure setting on my camera then process them as a HDR image. The peak is the well know Pagosa Peak in Colorado.

Dramatic Sky over Pagosa Peak

This is a photo of Pagosa Peak near Pagosa Springs Colorado. I use three separate photos to create this HDR image.

Pagosa Peak HDR photo

I took this photo not often seen view of Pagosa Peak near Pagosa Springs Colorado. This panorama photo was created with 12 different camera shots using PhotoShop.

Reflection of Pagosa Peak

The owner claimed this was the oldest continuous operating store in Colorado. I shot this in RAW mode on my camera and then processed it as IR image.

Oldest Store in Colorado IR image

This reflection is in the mighty Colorado River near Arches National park and Canyon Lands National Park.  Note the reflections of rocks in the river.

The Mighty Colorado River Reflection

This is Delicate Arch in Arches National Park shot form a long ways away with a good zoom lens. Notice the person on the arch.

Delicate Arch

What a different view of the rock formations in Canyon Lands National Park

Color Rock

One of the many wind blown rock formation that you will find in Arches National Park

Hole in the Rock

At Arches national park in Utah in the spring you can find wildflowers growing.

Arches Wildflowers

I took this photo off of the pier at Hannalei Bay on Kauai

Surfing Hannalei Bay

I took this image looking down on this Hawaii hut.

Kauai Hut

I took this photo one of the many waterfalls on Hauai Hawaii

Waterfall on Hauai

Hanalei Bay, Kauai, HI with the Na Pali Coast Mountains in the background

Na Pali Coast Mountains

A couple walking the beach near Hanalei Bay, Kauai, HI with the Na Pali Coast Mountains in the background/

Couple at Hanalei Bay

At one of the many resorts near Princeville Kauai with a view of the Na Pali Coast in background over swimming pool.

Pool at Priceville

Princeville Kauai is known for it golf course.

Princeville Golf Course

This sunset was taken near Princeville Kauai with the Na Pali Coast mountains in the foreground.

Sunset Na Pali Coast

This sunset was taken out of my front yard in Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Front Yard Sunset

This is a little spring stream that I had lunch by while traveling the back roads on Mount Del Norte near South Fork Colorado.

Del Norte Stream

One of the more famious views at Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Arizona on the Navajo Reservation.

Canyon De Chelly National Monument

This old truck rest on a little mound near Animas Forks Colorado with wildflowers growing though it. What a wounder place for it to retire to, the mountain views and wildflowers are just on real.

Over Sixty

This photo was taken a night at the overlook as you come into Ouray Colorado from the south.  Notice the American Flag

Ouray Overlook

Ophir Pass is on a 4by4 road between the Million Dollar Highway (US550) and Ophir Colorado (near Telluride. The mountain views as you pass over the pass going west are incredible.

Ophir Pass

These Yellow Water Lilies were on this little Beaver pond along the four wheel drive road Old Lime Creek Road. This is between Durango and Silverton Colorado

Yellow Water Lilies

These Yellow Water Lilies covered this beaver pond.  It was such a wonderful surprise as we drove this 4by4 Old Lime Creek road between Durango and Silverton Colorado.

Beaver Pond on Old Lime Creek Road

This beautiful little waterfalls appears out of no where.  If you do not see the signs pointing to it you will not even know it there.  (between Creede and Lake City Colorado)

North Clear Creek Falls Overview

This falls is between Creede Colorado and Lake City Colorado. I used a long time exposure to create this photo.

North Clear Creek Falls

This sunrise was shot in Colorado Springs with the hoodoos in the foreground.

Hoodoos Sunrise

Super moon lights up the sky in the mountains east of Pagosa Springs Colorado. Wish you were here to see it.

Super Moon

This is a picture one of Park Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National park.

Mesa Verde Panorama

A three year old give you a gift of wildflowers.

A Gift For You

This picturistic little lake is on National Forest Service road 987 and appears not to have a name.

Forest Service RD 987 Lake

This is a panorama of the lake Powell near Page Arizona

Lake Powell Panorama

The morning reflection are so great a lake Powell near the dam at Page Arizona

Lake Powell Reflections

The fall of the year there is always a lot of color in the San Juan National Forest as shown in this photo

San Juan Road 987 Lake

This an HDR photo of a walkway between the bunk house and the mill at a mine near Silverton Colorado. An avalanche had twisted the walkway into this neat image. This was was taken as 3 RAW images and combined in Photoshop to create this HDR image


I took this on a four wheel drive road above Creed Colorado. Yes that is my jeep blocking the road but is was wide enough for two cars to pass.

Creed 4by4 Fall Road

 There was two pots of golds at our home in Pagosa Springs Colorado as shown in this photo.

Double Rainbows

Yes there was a rainbow over us here in Colorado.

Rainbow over our home

Clear lake near Silverton Colorado at 12,000 feet is a glacier formed lake with this great mountain background and wildflowers in the foreground.

Wildflowers at Glacier made lake

This Rufous hummingbird spent most of the summer guarding the bird feeder. I shot this thru the office window in Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Rofous Himmingbird

Here is where the mighty Colorado River is bending around this rock on it's way to the Grand Canyon near Page Arizona.

Horse Shoe Bend Colorado River

After long steep walk to the Sea provide us with window to the sea.  Hawaii is sure beautiful.

Window to the Sea

On the island 0f Kauai we find the these taro fields making a beautiful panorama photo on the garden island in Hawaii.

Panorama of the Taro Fields

On the Kauai we find the these taro fields making a beautiful photo.

Taro Fields

We found this fog on a hike along the San Juan River in southwest Colorado.

Frog in the Hand

After the fishing tournament the foxes come to cleanup the lake after the fisherman.  This was shot from my back porch at dusk

Lake Fox Pair

This yellow flower was found in the spring in the high mountains of Colorado. The mountain in the backgournd is mMount Del Norte.

Yellow flower

I not sure what the name is but I do like the looks of it.

Fall Flower in Colorado

This is an eagle catching a fish. This shot is the portrait portrait in Canada.

Eagle fishing portrait

This is an eagle catching a fish. This shot is a closeup photo in Canada.

Eagle fishing closeup

This is an eagle catching a fish. This shot is the landscape mode in Canada.

Eagle fishing landscape

This is a glacier made lake well above tree line.  The color of this lake is so wonderful you have to see for yourself.

Lake Como Colorado

This is California Pass which is at 13,000 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  It is between Silverton and Ouray Colorado

California Pass

This is just one fabulous scene at El Rancho Pinoso, sight of the 2009 Art in the Garden Festival,

El Rancho Pinoso Panorama

This is just one fabulous scene at El Rancho Pinoso, sight of the 2009 Art in the Garden Festival.

El Rancho Pinoso

This Eagle missed the fish and had to retry for a meal. Notice the great splash this eagle created.

Eagle in the Lake

This Eagle missed the fish and had to retry for a meal.

Eagle Miss

This is Deer Lake up int the Colorado Rockey Mountain in the fall.

Deer Lake

It is had to get the three Fritillary Butterflyies sits on top of a sunflowers but when it happens it is great.

The Dance

Yes the colors are great in the fall in Colorado as I travel up this two lane dirt road in the mountains.

Colorado Fall Road

This is a three year old boy downhill skiing at Wolf Creek Sky area in Colorado.

Young Skier

Fall color in Colorado


This is a one lane road (12 foot wide) up to Clear Lake looking out the side of a 2,000 drop. Another wounder view of the Colorado Mountains.

Clear Lake Road Paorama

Clear lake near Silverton Colorado surrounded my the summer mountain wildflowers at 12,000 feet a this  glacier formed lake shot.

Wildflower at Clear Lake

This is a one lane road up to Clear Lake with wildflower fire-weed lining the side of a 2,000 drop. Another wounder view of the Colorado Mountains.

Clear Lake Road

Clear lake near Silverton Colorado at 12,000 feet is surrounded by wildflowers shot at mid day.

Cool Clear Lake

Clear lake near Silverton Colorado at 12,000 feet is a glacier formed lake with the early sunlight giving them a warm glow. Notice the wildflowers.

Clear Lake

A little spring snow fed streams with the wildflowers as I was crossing over Cinnamon pass between Lake City and Silverton Colorado.

Cinnamon Stream

This is a Panorama photo of the ruins in Chaco Canyon National Moument.

Panorama Chaco Canyon

The falling down walls at ruins in Chaco Canyon National Moument.

Chaco Walls

Door after door after door opening in the ruins in Chaco Canyon National Moument.

Chaco Doors

Saguaro Cactus is the home of this Gila woodpecker in Arizona.

Saguaro Cactus Gila woodpecker

We find the gila woodpecker making holes in this Saguaro Cactus.

Cactus and Gila Woodpecker

This is one of many historical barns and other artifices from the 1800 in Colorado.

Colorado historical barn

One of the many places to pitch your tent and enjoy the Colorado mountians.

Colorado camp site

A single  Fritillary Butterfly sits on top of a flower.

Fritillary Butterfly

A lonely bird sits on this irrigation wheel at sundown.

Bird at sundown

This is photo of the small herd of big horn sheep taken in the fall in the mountains of Colorado.

Herd of Big Horn Sheep

I took this photo of two big horn sheep in the wild Colorado rocky mountains as they try to repopulate the sheep in area.

Pair of Big Horn Sheep

This is a shot of the hot air balloons as the take off.  It was shot as three shots and combined in Photo Shop to make this HDR photo.

HDR Balloons

This is a HDR image of the hot air balloon preparations at Pagosa Springs color-fest.

Hot Air Balloon prep

I took this photo of the lakes in Pagosa Spring Colorado while on a balloon ride.

Archuleta Balloon Ride

Two buck deer in my backyard looking at me as I shoot them.

Back yard Deer

The fall in southwest Colorado is always colorful as shown in the photo.

Fall Trail

Monument Valley was very mystic in this dust storm.

Arizona Fog

One of the many little creeks in the Rocky mountains

Archuleta Creek

American Basin at 23,000 feet and was created by a glacier and is filled with Colorado state flowers.  This day the clouds add to the art.

American Basin Clouds

This Basin is at about 12,000 ft and is typical of Colorado Rocky mountains.

American Basin flowers

Colorado is know for it's mountain lakes and wild flowers

Clear Lake above Siiverton

A fox looks the other way tring to get the the Canadian geese to come on the shore and the geese are daring the fox to come in the water.

Fox and Geese

One of many streams flowing down from the Rocky Mountain in Colorado.

Creaste Bute Stream

This colorful hot air balloon has just touched the lake and is beginning to rise again.

Touchdown on Village Lake

As at all Art in the garden festivals in Pagosa Springs Colorado have views with wild flowers and mountains.

Art in the garden barn

This is the lake at the festival for art in the garden in Pagosa Springs Colorado

Art in the garden lake

This is a photo of wild horse near Glacier national park.

Wild Ones

Lake McDonald what more can you want?

Lake McDonald

This colorful stream as it enter lake McDonald

Glacier stream