Scenic Falls Photo Gallery

The fall in southwest Colorado is always colorful as shown in the photo.

Fall Trail

This is photo of the small herd of big horn sheep taken in the fall in the mountains of Colorado.

Herd of Big Horn Sheep

Fall color in Colorado


Yes the colors are great in the fall in Colorado as I travel up this two lane dirt road in the mountains.

Colorado Fall Road

This is Deer Lake up int the Colorado Rockey Mountain in the fall.

Deer Lake

I took this on a four wheel drive road above Creed Colorado. Yes that is my jeep blocking the road but is was wide enough for two cars to pass.

Creed 4by4 Fall Road

The fall of the year there is always a lot of color in the San Juan National Forest as shown in this photo

San Juan Road 987 Lake

Bachelor Loop north of Creede Colorado is famous for the old mines but as you can see it offers great views.  As you can see in this photo the fall color is also an attraction.

Fall at Bachelor Loop

A typical colorful view in Pagosa Springs Colorado driving down a dirt road in the fall.

Pagosa Fall Road

I took this photo one fall afternoon driving down a dirt road in Archuleta County Colorado.

Fall in Archuleta County

I can never stop taking pictures of the fall colors in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Fall Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park

As I was driving down this dirt road in Colorado I stop to take this photo and I realized that I could not capture it with a single shot.  They is too much dynamic range so I shot three photos at 2f stop apart and combined them in Camera RAW

Fall Road Color HDR

a bull elk with a large rack in the fall

Elk Rack

the old buck deer know in the fall to come into town as we see here a big rack buck deer

Front Yard Buck

Wild turkey are common in Colorado as we see a small group of them

Wild Turkey