Scenic Sunrise or Sunsets Photo Gallery

A lonely bird sits on this irrigation wheel at sundown.

Bird at sundown

This sunrise was shot in Colorado Springs with the hoodoos in the foreground.

Hoodoos Sunrise

This sunset was taken out of my front yard in Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Front Yard Sunset

This sunset was taken near Princeville Kauai with the Na Pali Coast mountains in the foreground.

Sunset Na Pali Coast

I took another Pagosa Springs Colorado Sunset.

Pagosa Sunset

Sunrise over Village Lake was taken from my back deck in Pagosa Springs Colorado. This  HDR photo was three separate photo added together using Photoshop.

Sunrise over Village Lake HDR

In southwest Colorado we have a lot of thunder storms and this is one that is just over at sunset.

Storm Leaving

This is a sunset at the resort Ponma Ranch just north of Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Ponma Ranch Sunset

If you get up early there is great sunrise almost every day. I could have taken thousands of photos.

Sunrise at Pagosa