Scenic Water Fall or Rivers Photo Gallery

This is stream of hot water and algae from a hot springs in Yellowstone Nation Park.

Hot Spring Stream

Always change color this pool of algae is a typical pool of hot spring runoff.

Hot Springs Algae

This colorful stream as it enter lake McDonald

Glacier stream

Lake McDonald what more can you want?

Lake McDonald

This is the lake at the festival for art in the garden in Pagosa Springs Colorado

Art in the garden lake

One of many streams flowing down from the Rocky Mountain in Colorado.

Creaste Bute Stream

One of the many little creeks in the Rocky mountains

Archuleta Creek

A little spring snow fed streams with the wildflowers as I was crossing over Cinnamon pass between Lake City and Silverton Colorado.

Cinnamon Stream

Clear lake near Silverton Colorado at 12,000 feet is a glacier formed lake with the early sunlight giving them a warm glow. Notice the wildflowers.

Clear Lake

Here is where the mighty Colorado River is bending around this rock on it's way to the Grand Canyon near Page Arizona.

Horse Shoe Bend Colorado River

This falls is between Creede Colorado and Lake City Colorado. I used a long time exposure to create this photo.

North Clear Creek Falls

This beautiful little waterfalls appears out of no where.  If you do not see the signs pointing to it you will not even know it there.  (between Creede and Lake City Colorado)

North Clear Creek Falls Overview

This is a little spring stream that I had lunch by while traveling the back roads on Mount Del Norte near South Fork Colorado.

Del Norte Stream

I took this photo one of the many waterfalls on Hauai Hawaii

Waterfall on Hauai

This reflection is in the mighty Colorado River near Arches National park and Canyon Lands National Park.  Note the reflections of rocks in the river.

The Mighty Colorado River Reflection

I took this photo of Piedra Falls as the river come down from the wilderness.

Piedra Falls Pagosa Springs

In Spanish Piedra means Stone so this waterfalls is not Piedra Falls but is Stone Fall.  This falls in located near Pagosa Springs Colorado

Stone Falls

Silverton Cabin is located a few north of Silverton Colorado.  What more could you want than this little cabin with the wonderful waterfalls out your front porch.

Silverton Cabin

Silver Creek is one of many in creek that run in the spring in Colorado.

Silver Creek

Silver Falls is out east of Pagosa Springs Colorado on East Fork Road. You do have to wall about a 1/4 of mile to view this waterfalls.

Silver Falls

This is just a wonderful little stream coming down the mountain near Ouray Colorado.

The Stream

This cascading waterfall was found near Howardsville Colorado.  There were too many little waterfalls to count.

Cascading Waterfalls

This little waterfalls is at 11,500 feet on a four wheel drive road. You have to walk down on hiking trail about a 1/3 of a mile.  You had better we acclimated to the altitude before you to see this one.

Hike to the Waterfall

I so close to the waterfall that I could not get the whole falls in one photo. So I took two portrait mode photo and used Photoshop to combine them into this photo.

Waterfall Panorama

As I was driving from Lake City Colorado toward Cinnamon Pass I found with wonderful colorful little waterfall.

No Name Waterfall

I took this photo of a small raft rafting on the San Juan River in Pagosa Springs Colorado. Notice that all the adults are have fun but the children look terrified

Adult Fun

I am not sure what the name of this one was I just like it. If you know please email me the name. I was hiking one day in Glacier National Park when I came across this great waterfalls.

A great Waterfalls

the Gunnison river runs thru the Black Canyon National park

Gunnison River

a cow Moose resting after giving birth a few hours ago

Cow Moose After Birth

an eagle with a small fish he caught in the Ocean Bay

Eagle with a Fish

Mammoth Hot Springs small waterfalls

Mammoth Hot Springs Color

 Reflection Lake is correctly name as we see the mountain deflection

Reflection Lake