Scenic Wildflowerss Photo Gallery

Clear lake near Silverton Colorado surrounded my the summer mountain wildflowers at 12,000 feet a this  glacier formed lake shot.

Wildflower at Clear Lake

It is had to get the three Fritillary Butterflyies sits on top of a sunflowers but when it happens it is great.

The Dance

I not sure what the name is but I do like the looks of it.

Fall Flower in Colorado

I think the name of this wildflower is firecracker flower but if you know please email me.

Firecracker flower

This yellow flower was found in the spring in the high mountains of Colorado. The mountain in the backgournd is mMount Del Norte.

Yellow flower

A three year old give you a gift of wildflowers.

A Gift For You

These Yellow Water Lilies were on this little Beaver pond along the four wheel drive road Old Lime Creek Road. This is between Durango and Silverton Colorado

Yellow Water Lilies

At Arches national park in Utah in the spring you can find wildflowers growing.

Arches Wildflowers

Just outside of Glacier National Park I came across this small herd of wild horses. The wildflowers in the foreground real made this photo.

Wild Ones

In the spring in Colorado you will find many wildflowers but somehow the Wild Iris is special.

Wild Iris

I am not sure of what it is but sometimes you just need a touch of red to make your day.

At Touch of Red

I was out on a 4 wheel drive road In Colorado when I came across this little pond with the great Yellow Water Lilies.

Water Lilies

Clear lake near Silverton Colorado at 12,000 feet is surrounded by wildflowers shot at mid day.

Cool Clear Lake

Again I am not sure of what is the name of this flower but if you look at them you will see a small face in the flower.

Face Flower

You can see Giant Red Paintbrush, the Blue Bells and the sunflower in the foreground this the mountains in the background.  I need get tired of going up to the basin and shooting wildflowers.

American Basin Wildflowers

Sometimes the these simple little flowers are just sow wonderful that I have to take a photo

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

This was on the the many flowers that I had when we lived in the mountains of Arizona


white and lavender columbine grows in a high mountain basin

Colorado State Flower