Fine Art Digital Photography

What is Fine Art Digital Photography?  Many people think that great photos are taken with digital camera and then display or printed without any modifications. This is not true.  A lot of digital photographers do not know that the photo they have taken has almost always been processed by the camera itself, even before the image is shown on the camera’s LCD screen. 

On the most cameras there is a mode dial for scenic selection that control the processing before it is stored on the memory card.  Some cameras have advanced function such as panorama capture mode, black and white capture mode, high dynamic range capture mode,  …..  All these advanced modes as well as JPEG creation require a lot of digital processing. This is the same type of processing that is generally done in Photoshop but with Photoshop the photographer controls the processing instead of scientist/engineer at the camera manufactory’s plant. How can someone who is not there tell what you want to capture in the photograph?

You may have heard that some camera have an output mode called RAW data output and in this mode absolutely no adjustments made to the camera sensor data that is stored.  But in a RAW data file is not viewable without a lot of processing and adjustments to the data.  RAW data file is NOT an IMAGE file.

Many people wrongly assume that image processing is new to photography and in film cameras processing just didn't happen. But it did happen a lot, with the type of film, lens filters, and other camera equipment.  Also the darkroom processing and chemicals were used to control the negative and print processing instead of the digital processing done today in the digital camera or Photoshop.

Ansel  Adams said “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”, so when Ansel set up the camera so that he could do the post processing of the negative and print in the darkroom to give him the photograph that inspired him.

Here at Digerati Frontiers we are committed to producing a photographs (web based image or print) that is creative art and that is built up from within us rather than just extracted from without. To this end we shoot the camera in RAW mode, manual iris control, manual exposure control and processes every photograph by the person who took it.